Data Science Careers

The pace of data generation and the need for organizations to be innovative, competitive, and efficient is creating a surge in the demand for data scientists. It is a trend that many expect will continue as more and more of daily life becomes digitized.


According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. alone could face a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 professionals with data science skills by 2018. McKinsey found that sectors such as computer and electronic products and information, finance and insurance, and government will likely gain the most value from using big data, and thus employ many of the world’s data scientists. But data scientists will be vital to all sectors in coming years—from law and medicine to media and nonprofits.


Our partners — pioneers in commercializing game-changing technology and services — are supporting efforts to turn advances in data science into new ventures and new career opportunities.



Microsoft’s data storage and business intelligence platforms are indispensable tools for data scientists.


From its start, Google has helped the world effortlessly sift through and find meaning in incredible amounts of data.

Yahoo Labs

Yahoo’s research hub is focused on innovating areas such as machine learning and computational advertising.

DeepMind Technologies

An artificial intelligence company combining machine learning and systems neuroscience to build learning algorithms.

Independence Blue Cross

Philadelphia’s largest health insurer invests in technologies that address today’s healthcare challenges.


There is a great need for researchers and professors who will lead the data science revolution. Many will work on interdisciplinary projects, uncovering the potential of data science to impact areas such as sociology, public policy, management, and more.

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